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Smart Notes

Document decisions made so you can refer back later

Dynamic File Repository

All project assets (regardless of file type) in one place and searchable

Selective Sharing

Isolate notes or files to share for feedback or approval

3D Model Preview

View 3D models without opening CAD, share native files with any collaborator

A modern way to organize R&D project information, purpose-built for hardware engineers.

Factor works well in teams

Untangle your RFQ and DFM Process

Last minute design change sent you scrambling for a supplier requote? Communicate with suppliers directly in Factor, send them project documentation directly from your Factor repository, and automate change notifications.

Easy Handoffs

Stuck in design transfer meetings with manufacturing? Factor helps create a design history file so you can seamlessly hand off projects to new teams like NPI or collaborators like manufacturing.

Collaborative Design Libraries

Feel like you're recreating the wheel with a new design? Access design documentation from previous projects within your organization, and open-source libraries from around the world.

Audit Trail

Trying to remember who sent what file to whom? Factor automatically records sharing, viewing, and editing history for all project assets.

Hardware development is changing. Factor is paving the way.

More than ever, hardware engineers are using internal and external specialists to integrate new technology into their products.

With the fluid nature of R&D today — continuous design iteration, asynchronous testing and validation — these relationships are critical to manage.

Even with a finished design of our handheld device, building 6 prototypes required 240 emails and 64 attachments, involving 6 companies and 17 people… randomly distributed across 19 email chains.

Factor has made my team more productive and removed barriers to getting our product to market.

Ritish Patnaik

PM at Luso Labs

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