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Global Supply

Supply chains are growing more complex and disruptions more frequent.
Visibility and agility are needed now more than ever.
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Our Supplier Relationship Management System provides always-on visibility into every step of the process — from quote to receiving goods.

Supplier Visibility

Onboard your suppliers quickly and easily.  
Source-of-truth visibility for all stakeholders into supplier capabilities, certifications and qualifications.

Source Visibility

Identify the right suppliers for a given job with quick and easy multi-source quoting, adding agility and resilience to your supply chain.

Order Visibility

See where your orders are in the production process and maintain visibility into production changes, reducing the anxiety and uncertainty of delivery timelines.

Performance Visibility

Measure supplier performance, providing control and accountability in supplier relationships, and agility to make changes when needed.

Get supply chain visibility and agility today.

What could you do
with additional R&D timeline?

Companies that use Factor for purchasing analytics shorten lead times by 18-31% on average.

Transparent process, straightforward pricing.

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No upfront costs, pay as you go
Ideal for small product teams with smaller batches 
and easier approvals.


Team-based flat-rate subscription
Ideal for larger teams, with more frequent and larger orders.

Listen to what our customers say

Factor has made my team more productive and removed barriers to getting our product to market.

Ritish P.
Co-founder, Luso Labs

Factor helps you manage the procurement process for custom parts, first for prototypes and later at larger scale. They’re used by both small companies trying to make quick progress without a full operations team and by larger companies to take early-stage logistics off their engineers’ plates.

Steve M.
Head of Hardware, leading consumer electronics co.

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Guillaume Faure,
CEO of Pelostudio

We believe in empowering engineers and manufacturers 
to solve our toughest hardware challenges

Get supply chain visibility and agility today


IP Protection


On Factor, you are in complete control of your data. From the moment you begin uploading your parts to Factor, all of your data is encrypted in transit and while it is stored on our servers. With our robust permissioning system, no person or machine can access your files or part information without your explicit approval. We will never share data with any third party that you are not working with to get your parts made.

Confidentiality and Privacy


Our standard Terms and Conditions include a robust NDA, so when you sign up for Factor you are automatically covered. To get the most out of Factor, you share sensitive information about your parts and manufacturers with us, and we take the responsibility of maintaining the utmost confidentiality seriously. We will never share information about your parts or your manufacturers unless you have explicitly authorized it.

Implementation for Teams


Factor deploys for individuals in minutes, and for teams in about an hour. To set up one-click RFQs, we ingest your team's Approved Vendor List and ensure your manufacturer contact information is up to date. Our user interface is designed to be intuitive so that training is a breeze!

About Us


Factor is a San Francisco Bay Area and Boston-based startup. Our mission is to enable product designers and manufacturers around the world to build better hardware together. We want to empower engineers to shape the physical world without limits, and empower manufacturers to create new economic opportunities through specialization. Check out our team on LinkedIn!